October 13, 2014

We are super intrigued by a few things we have discovered,
so we decided to share them with you!! 
1. Say hello to our mid-season sale!! Don't let your wardrobe suffer this month, go check out the amazing pieces we have on offer for you!!
2.  Wow, we just love Style Marmalade and her quirky fresh approach on fashion D.I.Y and art.  Check out her Blog and Instagram for super styling tips.
3. Bored of your tumblr feed?  Get to know 'A secret photo'.  This intriguing photography blog will leave you inspired with a creative touch!
4.  Fancy eating dinner from a clothing stores changing room?  Well we have found the place to make that happen!! 'Back in 5 Minutes'
5.  We are loving the come backs of the cult classic models.  You go girls!!