Bird On A Wire is your one stop online destination for on trend vintage and one-off modern indie designs for cool gals in the know.
 We source, style, re-make and design cool clothes with a youthful rebellious spirit and a playful attitude!   BOAW is made up of a small but dynamic team who travel the world sourcing and hand selecting unique pieces for the fashion forward, free thinking girl with a conscious. 
We travel regularly in between our home turf of East London and our new HQ in sunny Lisbon! 

From the cool and quirky flea markets of London, Lisbon, Paris and San Francisco to the buzzing fashion forward malls of the heaving metropolis Seoul, we are in constant pursuit of those unique stand-out pieces that make wardrobes quiver with wanton lust.
Bird On A Wire is the brain child of Fashion Promotion graduate Buki Fadipe, after cutting her teeth working within Luxury/Designer eCommerce and the PR industry she needed something that fulfilled her passions more creatively. BOAW initially started on the market stalls of East London's Brick Lane as well as Popping up in and around Broadway Market and Dalston.
Soon enough a small following was garnered and a year later www.birdonawirevintage.com was launched and set-up in the creative hub of London Fields, east London. 
After four years of trading both on and off line in one of the worlds top fashion capitals she's decided to take BOAW on an adventure to the sunnier heights of Lisbon, the southern European city of year round sunshine and amazing views from the cities 7 hills  splitting her time between our new shiny airy HQ and a returns and sorting office in North London. 

We'd love you to keep in touch with us, send us your feedback, suggestions or requests!
EMAIL US: info@birdonawirevintage.com